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27 August 2009 @ 07:18 pm
though we just said, she's back (season 5) T-T lame!  
I don't care, I put an ad.
they're so BACK

and as usual, loove their photoshoots.

on starworld, season 5 just started. crap. I NEED SEASON 6.
I love Bree the most since season 5, shes gorg (and his son OHMYGOOD). I loved Gaby the most when she had perfect look but oh well I still love her and the other housewives. I kinda hate Katherine at first but now I kinda like her she's pretty-pretty. well they're all gorgeous. my mom still not letting me watch dhw so I have to watch whem my mom's not around a.k.a secretly. oh well Im not 17 yet.
feeling?: tiredtired
music: Arashi - Happiness